About Oils by Tahri


of The Earth was created from my need to modify my usage of commercial products. I wanted to get out of using so much chemical-based products that I created my oil blends to moisturize my face, hair, and body.  I then noticed my hair become stronger, my face more radiant and vibrant and my skin soft and supple. This became a hobby for me that I started mixing oils for my family, friends, and now for YOU!
Oils of  The Earth by Tahri is made from 100% Organic oils.  The oils are also used in the soaps which makes a very healthy moisturizing bar! There are no dyes, chemicals, fillers or anything bad in this product. The oils and soaps are made scentless for those of you who are sensitive to harsh fillers and for those of you who LOVE scents…well, you have the luxury to have both!